About OQAA


The Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (OQAA) is administrated by a director, who reports to the President (or designee). A standing committee by the name of the Quality Assurance Committee should be formed from representatives of the academic and supporting units. The Committee advises the director and coordinates the Office’s policies within their units.

Director Responsibilities:

1. Lead the development and implementation of the quality management and continuous quality improvement processes for the University.
2. Deliver better integrated planning, reporting, stakeholder feedback, statistical and quality management services across the University.
3. Disseminate information and provide training workshops on quality improvement procedures for faculty and staff.
4. Support all units within the University to conduct assessments and to establish and review benchmarking processes.
5. Achieve accreditation for the University academic programs.
6. Set up and support a systematic database collection system for quality assurance processes.
7. Promote faculty and staff reward system to recognize excellence and quality works.
8. Generate quality assurance documents and reports needed for internal use and external review.

Documentation and Reporting:

The OQAA will produce needed documents and reports about the status of quality of education and services provided by the University. These documents and reports shall be public and available to the Government of Kurdistan, Administration Council, Board of Trustees, the University Community, students and Parents.

Role of University Community:

The KUST community (faculty, staff and students) along with the Administration Council and Board of Trustees shall play an active role to fulfill the mission and objectives of OQAA.