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Director Message

Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (OQAA) at Komar University of Science and Technology is continuously working on how to enhance the quality of education with accordance to international standard accreditation and Quality Assurance department from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR).The University recognizes that attention to quality must be structured and systematic, therefore QA is mainly focusing on three different areas to be evaluated:

1.   Student Learning Outcomes: Assessing Students’ Knowledge and ability to do.

2.   Teaching Performance: Effectiveness of the instructor in transferring “knowledge and ability to do to students”.

3.   Services: Services given to students by the University/College/Department outside the classrooms.

For each task, OQAA will apply different criteria for assessing them effectively. We believe that matching our criteria with international accreditation program such ABET for engineering programs will lead us towards offering a better education to our students and later will reflect in student learning outcome. Our students will be well prepared after graduation for national and international test. The culture of appreciating the importance of adapting international accreditation among KUST faculty, staff and faculty will be promoted by OQAA. In addition to international accreditation, OQAA believes that working according to  MHESR Quality Assurance policy will elevate the level of education at our University. 

MHESR Quality Assurance Message:

As quoted from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR), the message ensures that is:
‘’ The message of our quality assurance program is to assure students of the academic standards offered within the universities and institutes of the Kurdistan Region. The purpose of the TQA program is to create an environment in which members of society believe in the education, learning, and research processes of the higher education system in the Kurdistan Region. Helping the Higher Education system in Kurdistan to attain a high standard and developing them in away so that they reach the standards of excellence for which international universities are renowned will bring renewed hope and confidence in the universities and institutes of the Kurdistan Region. Graduates will be proud to graduate with degrees from regional universities and institutes because they know that they have achieved the same quality as competitive universities elsewhere in the world. Despite the efforts and the dedication of the administration, academics and students, the Ministry of Higher Education requires everyone to pursue their academic goals and fulfill their requirements without allowing personal interests to interfere.’’

Twana A. Tahir
Director of OQAA