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How to Design Standard Exam Questions?

posted Oct 29, 2016, 10:58 PM by Ranjdar Saeed

On October 26th, 2016 Quality Assurance Office and Exam Committee at KUST held a workshop on (How to Design  Standard Exam Questions?). The presenters were Mr. Twana A. Tahir /Director of the Office of Quality Assurance and  Accreditation, Dr. Muaed Jajo/ Chairman of the Department of English, and Mr. Sardasht Sardar Assistant Coordinator  of Exam Committee. The outcomes of the presentation were as following:


1. How to design the exam questions in a way which examine the student’s level of understanding in the subject.

2. The level of difficulty of the questions should go from less to the most difficult one. 

3. It is also important to have a specific type of question that only smart students can solve it in order to be fair and separate the Golden one from the others.

4. It is very essential that the duration of the exam will fit the number of the questions and the level of difficulty of the questions. (We should not design our questions in a way that majority of the students can easily finish it within the first 20 minutes OR oppositely, they will struggle with the questions and they cannot complete it within the allocated time)