Students’ Surveys Feedback:
The QA Office at Komar University (KUST) will mainly conduct Two types of survey as following:
  1. Students’ Feedback Survey on Academy
  2. Students’ Feedback Survey on KUST services

Both surveys are designed based on the requirement of ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

• The QA will conduct the survey in Two different ways:
– There will be an Online survey; one by the mid of each semester. This will inform the QA about the complains from the students regarding any course. The result will be shared with the instructor of the course and the department to take the necessary action. This will be optional for the students to answer. Another Online survey will be conducted by the end of the semester and will be mandatory for all the students via “Mykomar” and they have to submit the feedback in order to see the result of final exam.
– Another one will be a random (Paper-based survey) which will be distributed only with the courses that students complain a lot. this will be mandatory for the specific courses with high level of complaining.
• The questions for the student’s feedback for Academy mainly focusing on the following areas:
1- Teaching Content (TC),
2- Teaching Methods (TM) and
3- Teaching Effect (TE)


Student Feedback Rubric/ 2021-2022

                Category Points QA Criteria/KUST
  A* 4.5 – 5 Very satisfactory
A 4 – 4.4 Satisfactory
B 3 – 3.9 Neutral
C 2 – 2.9 Concern
D 1 – 1.9 Weakness



In this survey, students will receive either online or paper-based survey regarding other services at KUST such as:
2.1 Library service
2.2 Cafeteria Service
2.3 Student club Service (Student Life at KUST)
2.4 Registration and Admission service
The result of each survey will be shared with the top management and head of the relevant units at KUST for making necessary actions.