Quality Assurance Training Session for Fall 2022 Semester

As part of Komar University’s traditions, every year the office of Quality Assurance arranges continuous training sessions for all faculty members at KUST. This year, on September 19th and 20th, Mr. Twana, the director of KUST’s Quality Assurance office conducted a two-day training session for the faulty members of all departments. The training included syllabi design according to KUST and international standards, innovative pedagogy, and a student-centered approach to education. The training was divided into different sessions. In two of the sessions, Mr. Twana acquainted faculty members with KUST policies in designing course syllabi that comply with international accreditation requirements. He further explained the importance and the way of applying the student-centered approach in teaching practice. Following this, Dr. Ahmed Gheni, the director of International Relations, gave a presentation on innovative pedagogy and blended learning. The training sessions ended with active participation from all faculty members.